Electric Daisy Carnival 2017

Electric Daisy Carnival 2017

 Written by: Edysmar Diaz-Cruz

There are very few days out of the year where I have the freedom to be weird, dance unapologetically, and experiment with my style. On November 10th, I joined forces with Nia to do exactly that The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), set in Orlando, Fl, became our rave playground for the weekend.

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What’s In My Carry on Bag: The Essentials

What’s In My Carry on Bag: The Essentials

I’m pretty obsessed with the “What’s In My Bag” videos on YouTube! From the celebrities and Youtubers sharing what they keep in their Hermès/ Saint Laurent bags, to the packing hacks “How I packed 3 weeks worth of clothes in my carry on suitcase” videos. What can I say, I’m always curious about what people are keeping in their bags. I’ve even done a couple of blog post myself about what I keep in my bag from What’s In My Beach Bag to What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag.  So now without further ado, here is what I keep in my carry on bag when I go traveling!

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What’s in my beach bag

What’s in my beach bag

The Essentials

Happy first day of Summer! Even though every day in Miami already feels like Summer, today is its official first day.  Summer to me is just a great time of the year, you go on more vacations, more adventures and, of course, you go to the beach. So, in honor of this sunny season, I am sharing with you my beach bag essentials!

These are the items that I always try to have in my bag with me every time I go to the beach:

Aluminum water bottle



A Magazine/ Book



Water mister

A hat

Towel/ blanket


Speaker/ Headphones

Zip Lock Bag (For keeping your phone safe from water)