22 Random Facts About Me

22 Random Facts About Me

With today being my twenty-second birthday, I thought I should do something special on the blog. Last year for my 21st birthday I shared 21 Things I’ve Learned In 21 Years. So this year I thought I could share 22 fun facts about me. I figured since I’ve been blogging for a few years now, I haven’t really shared too much about myself and what better time to start than now? 

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About Me + The Love Laugh Wanderlust Blog

About Me +  The Love Laugh Wanderlust Blog

Hi, I’m Nia–

I have a passion for life, art, food, travel, fashion, and photography! This blog will follow fashion and photography along with everyday life events.  I created this blog in hopes of inspiring people to love life and to not be afraid of being their true selves, to inspire people to create, travel and most importantly love others and love themselves. My motto is: Eat well. Work hard. Live truly. Travel often.