Trying Out The 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

Skin care has become something that is very important to me. Overall, I think my skin looks okay but that there is room for improvement. Korean skin care products and The 10 step Korean Skincare routine have become a trend lately in the beauty world. As someone who is looking to improve my skin to give it a healthier and more radiant glow, I decided to try out the 10 step Korean skin care routine for a month. Here is my experience.


What is the 10 step Korean skin care routine:

This skin care routine consist of 10 steps, the first starting with an

Oil cleanser: great for removing ALL of your makeup

Water-based cleanser: double cleanse to remove any leftover residue

Exfoliator: removes dead skin cells to leave skin looking smooth

Toner: helps to balance the pH levels in your skin

Essence: pat into skin to boost hydration, help skin repair, and cell turnover

Treatments: products such as serums that treat your main skin concerns (dull skin, acne, or hyper-pigmentation)

Sheet Masks:  Put one on, sit back and relax while the mask does all of the work. 

Eye Cream: gently tap eye cream to hydrate the skin around eyes.

Moisturizer: seals in moisture and hydrates the skin

Sun Protection: Protects skin from uv rays and skin cancer

IMG_0944 2

Initial Thoughts:

I was a bit worried before starting this regimen, because I wasn’t sure what using all of these products at once would do to my skin. I was scared that I would have a bad reaction to the combination of products and they would cause me to further breakout or make my skin irritated and sensitive. I was also concerned with the amount of time it would take me to complete this routine.  


My Skin Concerns:

For years now, I have struggled with hyperpigmentation. Which has left dark spots on my skin and has left me feeling a bit insecure about my face. By doing this routine, I was hoping to notice my scars fading. I also hoped not to have as many breakouts and to clear up my acne and leave my skin looking hydrated.


Week One:  

Before starting this skin care routine, I had to go out and buy a few things because my normal skin care mostly consisted of a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. Oh and an exfoliator!  That’s about it. Most of the products that I bought to use for this routine, I was familiar with the brand, how they worked, and how they made my skin feel. I decided to time myself on day one to see how long this routine would take me each day. It took me about 17 minutes to complete the routine (that was without using the face mask for 10 minutes). I wasn’t sure if that time was a normal amount or if it was too long or too short of a time to take up. I also wasn’t sure how long to wait in between before putting on the next product. I started off the week with some hormonal acne, so I was hoping that with starting this routine it would clear up my face.


Product Rundown:

Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil 

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

Pixi Skin Treats Peel & Polish

Burt’s Bees Rosewater toner

Freshmade Cranberry Toning Mask 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum

Burt’s Bees Eye Cream

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturizer 

Neutrogena Sunscreen


Week Two:

By the end of week one, and the start of week two I decided to stop using the Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil  unless I was wearing makeup that day. I noticed that it made my skin a lot oiler than usual (since I have a combination skin type) unless I was using it to remove makeup. I also have started to enjoy the routine a bit more, especially at night when I can take my time. I like to use that time to play an episode of friends while I did my skin-care routine. It was a nice way to pamper myself at the end of the day.

Also during the second week of trying this routine I went out-of-town to visit family and  I learned that this routine isn’t exactly travel friendly since most of the products are over the size limit. I still did the 10 step routine (sort of), but because I had to pack last-minute, I couldn’t take everything with me and had to improvise.


Improvised products used:

Lush 9 to 5

Boscia Charcoal Face Cleanser

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub

Obagi Toner

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

Week Three:

By week three, I basically had the routine down. Sometimes I needed to convince myself to get up go wash my face, if I waited too long at night before bed. I still had some acne on my cheeks that I wasn’t too happy with.


Week Four:  

By the end of week three, I got fed up with the fact that I still had some pimples on my face because it usually clears up after a few days. I decided to go to CVS and look for a product that was a bit stronger to help with those skin concern. I ended up finding and buying Skin + Pharmacy Advanced Acne Therapy after, a few days, my skin cleared up and I decided to use the Mario Badescu cleanser in the morning and the Advanced Acne Therapy at night.

By week four I also decided switch moisturizers. The moisturizer that I used when I started this routine had finished and the product I bought to replace it ended up making my skin feel dry and tight. For an inexpensive option I switched to the Cetaphil facial moisturizer and I immediately noticed a difference in my skin.


Final Thoughts:

While I loved doing this routine at night because it was a nice and relaxing way to end my day by pampering myself and my skin, I hated having to get up earlier just to allow enough time to do this routine. Some of the products I purchased were a bit pricey so that was a bit of a down side as well as was the fact that most of the products were not travel friendly (unless I decided to check my bag).

All in all, I think I will continue to do this routine until I finish all of the products and then create a routine that will focus more on my hyperpigmentation and hydrating my skin. I think the Mario Badescu Vitamin C oil did a great job of fading some of my dark spots, but I think it would work better if it were combined with other products that also treated pigmentation, such as retinols and AHA’s. I think once I had found another moisturizer that worked for my skin type I noticed my skin started looking more radiant and hydrated.

If you’re interested in trying this skin care routine, definitely do some research to see what products would work best for your skin type. For a quick product guide click here.



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