Current Favorites: January


I haven’t made a ‘favorites’ blog post in awhile, so I thought it would be fun to share some things that I have been using a lot in the month of January.


Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 5.13.30 PM

  • Stainless steel Starbucks cup (24oz): The first item on my list is my stainless steel cup from Starbucks. I’ve been using this cup non-stop! I like to use it to make sure I’m drinking enough water every day, and It keeps my drinks cold for hours!  



  • IPad Pro and Apple Pencil: Ever since upgrading my IPad to the IPad Pro, it has come in very handy. I use it mostly for editing photos with the Apple Pencil or working on a blog post. It’s super lightweight, so if I don’t feel like carrying my laptop with me, I just bring my IPad. 



  • Ember mug: I recently got this ember mug for Christmas, and I love it! It keeps my tea warm for about an hour and a half which is great for when I’m working on a blog post or reading a book. Even when I’m just relaxing and want a warm drink. 



  • Vitamix: Another Christmas gift that I got and use almost daily! I love making smoothies in the morning or after a workout so the Vitamix is the perfect gift for that. So far I have just been making smoothies, but I’d like to use it to make other recipes. Such as squash soup!


  • Thé Noir 29 Lotion: I mentioned the Thé Noir 29 roller balm in my September Favorites last year, and I’ve recently gotten my hands on the lotion. I’m obsessed with Le Labo Fragrances and the Thé Noir 29 scent. It’s so unique and definitely my signature scent.



  • Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie: The Shea Moisture hair products have always been my go to! I like them because they are inexpensive, work well on my curls and they smell amazing, especially the Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I like that this product doesn’t weigh down my hair, but defines my curls with minimal frizz.   



  • The Edition candle: The Edition candle from The Miami Beach Edition. Also created by Le Labo, has a similar scent to the Thé Noir 29. The Miami Beach Edition is hands down one of my favorite hotels that I’ve stayed at, and its candle never fails to remind me of the good times I’ve spent there with family and friends. (unfortunately, the candle is very hard to get a hold of since it is only sold at the hotel itself) 



  • Metallic Faux Leather BootsI love these silver boots that I got from Forever 21, I’ve found myself reaching for them a lot this month to add a bit of a glamorous touch to any of my day-to-day looks. 




  • Post-Coffee Company: This next item on my list isn’t actually a tangible item, but my favorite hangout spot. I’ve spent a lot of time here in the month of January working on a blog post, drinking the occasional coffee, and meeting with friends. I love how open and cozy the space feels, it makes sitting down and doing work much more enjoyable. Not to mention the pastries they offer are so yummy, that I can’t help but grab a chocolate croissant to go with my coffee.



  • Sense8: Sense8 is one of my favorite shows on Netflix, I’ve started watching the show again with a friend who has never seen it before, and they’re hooked.  The show is about eight strangers from around the world who find themselves connected, first by a violent vision, then by discovering their ability to connect and share their knowledge, thoughts, skills, and feelings with one another. They soon discover that a big organization is determined to hunt them down and kill them, and they must figure out why. I love that this show is very diverse with its cast.  I love that I feel like I can connect to each character, making some scenes that much more heartwarming. My favorite thing about the show is that it shoots on location in several different cities (San Francisco, Chicago, Mexico City,  London, Berlin, Mumbai, Nairobi, Reykjavik, and Seoul) where each of the eight characters lives, making for some incredible landscape and backdrop scenes.  The show does have some strong language,  graphic scenes including drugs, violence, and nudity so it’s best not to watch around children.



— Nia

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