What I Want to Work on in 2018

A new year has come and instead of creating “resolutions” per say, I decided to make a list of things that from this moment forward I want to start working on. Of course there’s no need to wait till the first of the year, month or week to start working towards a new you. Now is always a good time to start.  I hope that by incorporating these new habits in my life, I can continue to grow and learn as a person.





Spend less time in front of a screen – I spend a lot of time in front of a screen, whether it is a computer, a phone, or a TV set. Since I am constantly distracted by a blue light, I think that reserving some time to read a book or go outside would be a good change of pace in today’s technology-fueled life.

Learn to accept that failure is a part of life and not to fear it- I’ve realized recently that I am afraid of failing– and because of that fear, I’ve stopped myself from even trying in the first place. This year I would like to work on accepting failure as something that is a part of life and that I can learn from.  

Practice gratitude- I love using my Five Minute Journal everyday, but over the past few weeks I’ve let it slip from my mind. I think practicing gratitude everyday, even for the little things, is important for myself and my personal growth.  

Be more mindful- This point sort of goes back to number one on my list. Because I am constantly distracted, I don’t take the time to be aware of my thoughts and my feelings or even being more mindful of someone else’s feelings.

Stop overthinking-  Let me to be blunt. Overthinking kills happiness. Ok, that’s probably a bit dramatic… But it’s true. I overthink everything and it usually brings me stress rather than relief or a solution to a problem.

Take more photos- As an aspiring photographer I have been slacking on actually picking up my camera and taking photos. This year I want to take more pictures so that when 2019 comes around, I have plenty of photographed memories to look back on.


Those are just a few things that i’d like to work on, overall my goal this year is to continue to grow as a person.




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