Electric Daisy Carnival 2017

 Written by: Edysmar Diaz-Cruz

There are very few days out of the year where I have the freedom to be weird, dance unapologetically, and experiment with my style. On November 10th, I joined forces with Nia to do exactly that The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), set in Orlando, Fl, became our rave playground for the weekend.

Our experience began with getting ready in a public restroom, thanks to our hotel check-in time not coinciding with our arrival time. There we met a group of girls decked out in glitter, space buns, and colorful attire (though not much was left to the imagination). Nia and I emerged from that bathroom shimmering and ready to immerse ourselves into a day of electronic dance music and carnival festivities.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 5.19.24 PM

As we neared Tinker Field on our shuttle, I could already feel the bass from the Kinetic Field stage in my chest. That’s where we got to witness Rezz, whose genre-bending music could have transported us to the future and back. Afterwards, we danced through Jauz’s set where we almost got trapped in a moshpit. We then moved on to see Troyboi at Circuit Grounds who was followed by Snails’ sick vomitstep.

Riding the swing carousel was one of the highlights of Day 1. We got to see EDC in all of its glory: three distinct stages, each with raging crowds of people dancing under the cloak of music and colorful stage lights. It was only fitting that we began Day 2 on the Ferris Wheel where we got to see EDC in daylight still as just as beautiful with people headbanging to Nitti Gritti, who was manning the Boombox Art Car below us.

Our schedule for Day 2 was packed with back-to-back sets: Starting from K?d’s trippy visuals to Joyryde’s hip-hop infused beats toGetter’s head splitting beat drops. My favorite discovery of the night had to be Green Velvetat Neon Garden, whose Chicago-based house music took us back a couple of decades, where the genre first began as a safe haven for misfits.

Throughout our exploration of EDC, we saw the phrase“All are welcome here” etched on various flags, posters, t-shirts. Surrounded by people wearing funky costumes, having the time of their lives, and exchanging Kandis with one another, I saw what the rave community is all about… 

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.

PLUR, every Raver’s motto, is what makes festivals such as EDC great opportunities to let loose, meet new people, and — most importantly — be yourself.

‘Till next time,


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