5 Things To Do For Yourself This Weekend

If you’re like me, your week can sometimes be very stressful and tiring; by the end of each day you feel slightly moody and exhausted (but maybe that’s just me). But despite if you had a bad day or a bad week, sometimes we all need is to show ourselves some love. So here are 5 simple things you can do for yourself this weekend to relax.

Paint your nails 

Pick out your favorite color polish and give yourself a mani/ pedi. I always feel good & pampered when my nails look neat and pretty.

Read Your Favorite Book 

I’m currently reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat Pray Love) and I love it because of how inspiring and motivating it is. This book gets my creative juices flowing again, especially after a long week.

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Give Yourself a Facial 

It can be a DIY homemade facial or a store bought facial. Either way sitting back, relaxing and getting nice skin in the process is one of the nicer things you can do for yourself.

Here are a few of my favorite facial recipes, and store bought facials:

Lush: Don’t Look At Me Face Mask

Ulta: Tea Tree Relaxing Renewal Mask

DIY Pinterest Turmeric Face Mask

Golden Strokes: Natural Face Scrubs


I can not tell you how much unplugging has helped me to relax and relieve stress. As much as I love social media, there are times where it does more harm than good. Putting down the phone every once and awhile helps me to focus.

Do Something Creative

You don’t have to be super artsy to do something creative. I’ve recently gotten back into watercolor painting, although to be honest- I suck at drawing and at painting (I mostly stick to abstract). Just being able to sit down and put something colorful on the canvas makes me feel more relaxed. Even taking out my camera and taking pictures helps me to relax.

So go ahead —  jump start your weekend by doing something for yourself tonight 🙂



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