Weekend Snapshot: French Dinner and Fantasy Fest 

It’s always so exciting when the weekend rolls around, especially this past weekend. Though I didn’t get to do any Halloween–related festivities, I did get to go to some new places!


Friday night I got to experience Miami Spice again, this time I went to Palme d’Or at The Biltmore Hotel with my aunt. I enjoyed getting all dressed up and glamorous for dinner, since it is a five star restaurant. We sat at a table with a view of the pool. Then we were greeted with bread, complimentary champagne and oysters. I’ve never had oysters before so I was a bit hesitant at first, but I ended up really enjoying it.


The atmosphere felt very elegant and I enjoyed the french music that played in the background. For the first course, I ordered La Salade De Crabe Royal– a king crab salad with romaine lettuce, avocados, tomatoes, mozzarella and Carta de Musica. The crab had a nice hint of curry flavor which I really loved. For the second course I ordered Le Loup De Mediterranée, a seared branzino with mixed mushrooms, asparagus, potatoes and balsamic sauce. I have to say that it was very delicious and very filling! I loved the flavor of the potatoes and the balsamic sauce, the branzino was soft and practically melted in my mouth!

After completely cleaning my plate, I was feeling pretty full but I had one more course left, dessert! And I had to make room for dessert. For my final course I had Le Chocolat,  cake with dacquoise hazelnut, chocolate mousse, praline créme and vanilla ice cream. Finally,  a cart of little treats came around and we were able to pick out three of the desserts on the cart. I chose the chocolate, a macaroon and a madeleine.

IMG_5849Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The evening overall was very fun and special, I enjoyed getting dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant, and I hope to be able to do it again soon.


I started my Saturday morning bright and early. I woke up that morning with the excitement and anticipation of going to Fantasy Fest!

Fantasy Fest is a 10 day party that goes on every year in October in Key West, Florida. Festival goers get together and dress up in costume or in body paint. Since this was my first year, I thought I’d just stick to my regular everyday clothes.  

Though it was about a four hour drive from Miami to Key West, the party didn’t start when we arrived at Fantasy Fest. No, in true Miami fashion it started as soon as we hopped on the bus, at 8 am, with not one, but two Djs playing everything from hip hop to reggae music. Our drive was filled with music, dancing and laughter while everyone got in the Fantasy Fest spirit.

When we arrived in Key West, the rain had finally cleared up, and it was time to party! We took some time to walk around and explore since it was my first time being in The Keys. It was cool to see people of all ages dressed up in costume or confidently wearing nothing but underwear and body paint. Everyone was very friendly and energetic. We walked around and explored for a few hours until it was time for the parade to start. When the parade started I suddenly was surrounded by so many colorful things, from the people in the crowd to the floats going by. And when it was all over, we headed back to the bus– this time the ride back everyone was quiet and asleep, exhausted from their day of fun.



I was still pretty tired from the day before, so my sunday was spent relaxing in bed and watching Stranger Things on Netflix.
FullSizeRender 20


All in all, I had an amazing weekend, I got to experience Fantasy Fest and go to Key West for the first time. I got all dressed up and had an amazing dinner, and I relaxed and got in the Halloween spirit with some Stranger Things. I can’t wait to see what the next weekend has in store for me!

— Nia

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