Miami Swim Week: My Experience

Lights, Camera, Swim Week! Every year models, designers, photographers, fashion bloggers and more come together to Miami to attend Swim Week. This year was my first time attending!

Upon receiving an invitation to three different fashion shows, I also spent many days hunting for the perfect outfit. I was very excited to attened Swim Week because it was something that I have been wanting to do for a couple of years now. And when Friday night arrived, I was ready to hit up the beach!



I arrived at the W hotel, feeling a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Because tonight I would’nt only be attending the show, but I would be getting a chance to interview the designers (but more on that later). After taking some photos in front of the Swim Miami sponsor wall, I proceeded to find my seat. The atmosphere was electric. Everyone was dressed like they had just stepped out of a style magazine, the Dj was playing all of my favorite songs, and the runway looked like a scene out of America’s Next Top Model.




The first show that I had been invited to attend was the KOA Swimwear Collection by Kylie Genesoto. The collection which was inspired by Catalina Island, featured a variety of one piece and two piece swimsuits with fun prints, sexy cutouts, and beautiful earthy colors.



After the KOA swimwear collection, it was time for me to meet and interveiw with the designers. I headed backstage where I met with Kylie Genesoto, and she told me about her inspiration for the collection, the challenges she faced when starting and growing her company, and her excitement for attending her first Swim Week. After meeting with Kylie, I sat down with Tess Hamilton and Ali Hoffman the designers for Kaohs Swim. I learned that their brand is inspired by skate, boho, and surf. Also where the name of their brand was formed (skate, boho, surf). We also discussed their success and how social media has allowed them to express themselves and helped them to really grow their company. 



After meeting, interviewing, and taking pictures with each designer, it was time to go see the Kaohs Swim Collection. The show featured fun upbeat music and sexy, edgy swim suits completed with Doc Martens, fishnet stockings and bold colors. But my favorite look of the collection was the “Kiss My Kaohs” leather jacket!




FullSizeRender 5
I do not own the rights to this image. Image from Instagram

On Sunday, I went to go see the Baes and Bikinis collection. With giant flowers balanced on the models heads, to the crocheted swimsuits, and different textures throughout the collection, it was so much fun from start to end. 


I own the rights to this image.




And While I only attended a few shows, I had the best time ever! It was a wonderful experience and I hope to be able to attend again next year.


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