(Build your Own) Buddha Bowl


When I first became a vegetarian (pescatarian) I was very unsure about what meals to prepare. I wanted to include more fruits and veggies into my diet, I just wasn’t sure what to make or what to buy at the grocery store. I started on Pinterest creating a board with easy vegetarian recipes. Simple recipes that I could quickly put together. Thats when I found a bunch of recipes for “buddha bowls”, the recipes seemed simple enough so I thought I’d give it a try and share my results. The fun thing about these bowls are that you can throw together any combination of greens, carbs, and protein to get a yummy and satisfying meal!







Start with your greens. I used fresh spinach!



Add some grains.



Throw in some good for you carbs.



Add some protein. I’m using tofu, but feel free to use any other source of protein you desire.



 And finally add some extras and your toppings. I used avocado and sprinkled some chia seeds. Also adding some fresh parsley or cilantro gives it a great taste.


One thought on “(Build your Own) Buddha Bowl

  1. Nia,
    I absolutely love the site. Informative for the young and elder alike. The photography looks like pages out of Home & Garden magazine. Look forward to seeing a winter theme.


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