September Favorites




Lavender Pillow Spay – I love love love this lavender pillow spray, I use it every night before I go to bed and the smell relaxes me and puts me right to sleep.

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Kylie Cosmetics (Kristen) – I know that Kylie Cosmetics has been the big talk lately, so I was pretty excited when my package finally arrived in the mail with three lip kits. I got the colors…. and Kristen.  I was a bit skeptical at first since I wasn’t having very good luck find a matte lip that I thought looked good with my complexion for an everyday look. I don’t wear this color alone I use the lip liner from the kit and a deep brown lip liner from Maybeline and then top it with the matte lip gloss. I really like how the color looks on me. The formula is a bit drying to it’s important to apply a lip balm throughout the day.

Shop Product Here: Kristen | Lip Kit – Kylie Cosmetics

Lace up flats– I’m not really one to wear pointed toe anything… I always thought they made my feet look funny. But I thought that these lace up flats were so cute and that  I had to give them a try, and so I did. And I am very happy that I did because they actually look super cute on me, and make any outfit look 10x cuter!

Shop Similar Product Here: Lace up Flat


Micheal Kors Satchel – I’ve had my eyes on getting a Micheal Kors purse for a while now. Just something simple and big enough to keep my all of my important stuff in. I fell in love with this purse as soon as I saw it. I think the color is perfect and the size was just right for me!

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The Noir 29 – Last December my family and I spent a week on South Beach, as a part of our annual family vacation. We stayed at this hotel called The Miami Edition. The hotel was basically goals… It was bright, clean, and every minimalists’ dream (or at least mine). On top of being located on south beach, looking like you just stepped into a magazine, and the amazing spa services. This hotel smelled amazing… which brings me to my final favorite for this month. The Noir 29 is a perfume that smells exactly like The Miami Edition.

Now you’re probably thinking, “why would you want to smell like a hotel?”  Because the smell is glorious! With a hint of bergamot, fig, and bay leaves. It’s a light and fresh scent that is almost addicting, and that is why it has made this months favorites! Just a little bit of it goes a long way, and you end up smelling amazing all day.

Shop Product Here: The Noir 29

The Miami Beach EDITION  (I do not own the rights to these images, all rights to these images belong to edition hotels and Marriott.) Check out more images of the hotel at  The Miami Beach EDITION | Photo Gallery


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