Why I Started Blogging



Before I tell you why I started blogging, I will tell you what I love most about blogging. From the time that ‘Love Laugh Wanderlust’ was just an idea in my head, with no name at all, it was something that I was very excited about it. I love blogging because It has allowed me to be open, and express myself in new ways. I feel that since I’ve started blogging I’ve discovered a new side of myself, a side that I find fun and really enjoyable!

I originally started blogging when I took a photography class at my school. Our teacher had us start a blog as a place to showcase our photography for the different assignments we were given. I did some research and decided to sign up for a free blog on WordPress.com with the title “Photography Blog by Nia”. I used that blog for class assignments only, keeping it at its basic design putting in very little work other than posting my photography.  But I wanted to do more.

The Summer after that semester of my photography class, the idea of starting up a blog was well in my head but that’s all it was. Just an idea. It wasn’t until very shortly into my Summer vacation that I started dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression. My insomnia started up again and I would find myself lying awake at night. And when I did sleep I would constantly be woken up from nightmares. I was in a really dark place in my life and I hated everything about myself. I convinced myself of negative things and continued to feed into my anxiety and depression.

One night while I was lying awake I thought about the idea to start up a new blog. I had some ideas of some things that I thought would be cool to do. So, the next day I went on to my WordPress and created a new blog. During the process of coming up with a name for my blog, I went through a long list of ideas. Until finally, “Love Laugh Wanderlust” was born. It was the perfect name for my blog because I felt that it really represented me! “Love” because I’m very caring, “Laugh” because I enjoying laughing, smiling, and being happy. And then of course “Wanderlust” which is for of my love for traveling and my desire to continue traveling. Within a week of creating my blog I had also created a binder to organize my ideas for future blog post. And again I created another long list, but this one for post ideas.

As the ideas for my blog grew, so did my excitement. Soon I ended up focusing all of my  energy on my blog, turning that negative energy into something positive. No, blogging did not completely fix my anxiety or depression, I still suffer from those from time to time. But it really helped me channel all of my negative thoughts into something creative by doing something that I have become really passionate about. Each week I created deadlines for myself, and projects to work on. Including my  Sunday at the Plaza fashion photography post.

With blogging and having my own website, I have been able to share more about myself than I would be able to on Instagram or Facebook. It’s sort of like my online journal. Though I am not a professional writer or photographer, they are both hobbies that I have grown to love. With my blog spotlighting lifestyle and fashion, I am able to do a wide variety of topics that interest me. I want to use my blog as a creative outlet; to be open and expressive about my life and the things that interest me. I hope that in the process of being creative and sharing fun, and/ or informative post , that I will be able to inspire others the way I have been inspired by the world around me.

About me and the Love Laugh Wanderlust blog


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